Everything Happens For A Reason:)





I miss that awkward first moment of wondering if you’d be pushing it too far if you touched them. Then that exhilarating moment when they take charge and put your hand there.

bye life

When they grab your hand … yesss

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When they grab your handdddd and move it 🙌🙌👐👐👐👐

If people want to let you go, just let them do it. They may not understand who you are. So don’t play around with fire; don’t give them their cake and let them eat it too. Here is your rule of thumb: they either commit to you or get none of you.
Joey Furjanic, The Heartbreak Hotel: How Long Will You Stay?  (via lovelyeverythingg)



"As the protesters marched through the streets, it began to storm. Every time the thunder crashed, the protesters would cheer louder and louder. It seemed as if mother nature herself were cheering them on.."

We ain’t going away this time

If I had a drink for every fuck I give I’d be one sober mother fucker, but if I had a drink for every fuck I gave about her, I’d be intoxicated forever. I’d drink myself to death.
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I just want someone to buy me pizza and give me $1500 weekly.

She’s a keeper, too bad you didn’t keep her.
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I’m literally my own best friend like I have inside jokes with myself and sometimes I’ll think something funny and start laughing out loud at how funny I am